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Enter a world of elves, dwarves and dragons; a land of magic where you can battle evil, explore castles, solve puzzles and complete quests as you strive to become a wizard.

How do I connect?

To play the game you need a telnet client or a MUD client. Windows comes with a (rather poor) telnet client as standard, as does MacOS X and most Linux and Unix operating systems. There are very many different MUD clients (some free and some not) such as zMUD for Windows, Rapscallion for MacOS Classic, Crystal and TinyFuge for most versions of Unix. The MUD Connector has an extensive list of MUD clients.

For connecting the hostname is elven.madarch.org and the port is 6715.

From the command line you can type:
telnet elven.madarch.org 6715

If your browser supports it you can use telnet://elven.madarch.org:6715

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