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The Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards are here for fun, for sharing of views and of information
generally. We don't want to restrict or discourage their use with lots of
rules, as we think free speech is important, so please use your common sense and
also abide by these two basic rules:

- Children use this MUD, so we want the boards suitable for them please. This
   means no swearing/profanity please.

- Advertising: we're more than happy for you to advertise your MUD on the
   bulletin boards here, but please don't spam with repetitive advertising that
   is irritating for everyone.

For help on using the boards please use HELP <command> with the following:
PERUSE, POST, SCAN and UNPOST. Note that you have to be at a bulletin board to
use it.

The boards are located in the following rooms (the names in brackets are
meaningful to immortals only):

  Mortals        - The Warm Haven (artifact1)
  Immortals      - The Chat Room (home1)
  Administrators - The Powers' Meeting Room (immortal31)
  Coders         - Coding Central (immortal5)

We hope you enjoy using the bulletin boards!

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