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Colorcode Information

For all of you with ansi color screens, these codes allow
you to set the colors of your says, tells, title...

 &+<color>               for foreground
 &-<color>               for background
 &=<fg color><bg color>  to set both foreground and background
 &N                      resets the colors to standard settings

Code   Represents      Code   Represents
 l      black           L      black,   highlighted
 r      red             R      red,     highlighted
 g      green           G      green,   highlighted
 y      yellow          Y      yellow,  highlighted
 b      blue            B      blue,    highlighted
 m      magenta         M      magenta, highlighted
 c      cyan            C      cyan,    highlighted
 w      white           W      white,   highlighted

Example: &=WmHello will result in the text 'Hello'.
         &+GHiya   will result in the text 'Hiya'.
         &-CHi     will result in the text 'Hi'.

As well as setting color codes the following codes are available:

    &b will give you blinking text   - can be turned off with NOBLINK
    &_ will give you underlined text - can be turned off with NOULINE
Note that you can also turn color support on and off with the COLOR

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