INFO cursing


     Cursing should not be a problem here.  We all know, for the most part,
     what constitutes rude and abusive language, and also, for the most part,
     most people don't wish to alienate everyone else on the game.  However,
     just in case, this policy file exists to act as a guideline where common
     deceny cannot prevail, for whatever reason.

     Basically, just be aware of who is listening to what you are saying.  The
     occasional "hell" or "damn" isn't really a problem, but beyond that, it
     becomes a different story.  Cursing in shouts is frowned upon more than
     on any other line for the simple reason that mortals cannot turn shouts
     off, that is, they cannot ignore them.  Cursing on the chat/blab lines is
     frowned upon, as well, but with a bit more leniency than in shouts.  
     Recognize that if you are asked to tone down your cursing by other players
     that you must do so.  Failure to do so constitutes harassment.  (See info
     harassment)  This applies to ANY line.  

     Lastly, and this should really go without saying, if someone of a higher
     level (mortals, "higher level" implies immortals...Heroes don't have to
     listen to Legends, necessarily! ;) ) tells you to stop cursing, stop
     cursing.  If you have a problem with this, refer it to a higher immortal.

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