INFO healing


  Wizards+ are allowed to heal you, but are advised only to do so once every
  5 to 10 minutes at the most.  Having to sit and heal is part of the game,
  so get used to it.  Everyone will get healed, eventually, whether you have
  to rest and do it yourself, use medic, or in the event that an immortal
  sees fit to help you out.  Mortals, you are certainly allowed to ASK for a
  heal, but don't get out of hand with the asking.  Besides, more than likely,
  you'll have better chances of getting healed by an immortal when you don't
  constantly asks for heals.  Remember, no immortal is OBLIGATED to heal you,
  so don't get an attitude if you don't get a heal.  Deal with it, sit down,
  rest, eat some food, or be willing to sacrifice some points when using the
  medic command.  You'll heal, in time.  Also, wizards:  it would be bad to
  give ONE person running an advantage by healing them and nobody else who is
  also running.  Don't do it.

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