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  Mortals:  You are absolutely encouraged to help out your fellow players,
  join into groups with them, and help each other figure out and solve the
  various quests, puzzles and challenges that you are faced with here.
  Please do not just GIVE away the answers, since that can be considered as
  cheating, and that kind of defeats the whole idea of having to figure out
  some things for yourself.  Hints are great, but don't get too explicit
  with your hints.

  Wizards+:  Hinting at the solutions to puzzles/quests/etc. is great.
  Please do so.  Just DON'T give away the answers, though.  If you wish to
  help in other ways, like showing a player around the mud, it's better to
  do so as a  mortal character.  There is nothing wrong with running as a
  mortal player, as long as you aren't telling them exactly how to do
  quests, and are instead JUST giving them hints.

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