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Player-Killer Policy

     Okay, folks.  Here is the deal.   By popular demand, and ingenuity of the
powers (namely Rachael), ElvenMUD has enabled a PlayerKilling system.  The
original system that Rachael remembered was first seen on MirageIII, on which
Rachael was a power at the time.  (Hmmm...where is she just a plain old Wizard
or even mortal??? *grin*)  ANYWAY...we've already had many questions regarding
how the system works and what the policy regarding player vs. player fights.
It is for the purpose of answering these questions that we have created this file.

How ElvenMUD's Player Killing System (coded by Legolas) works:

First, the basics:  

     I. A player-killer may NOT attack a non-player-killer.
        (this is hard-coded and the penalty is an exorcism)
    II. If a non-player-killer attacks a player-killer, the attacker is
        transformed into a player-killer and a battle begins.
   III. If a non-player-killer attacks another non-player-killer, nothing bad
        happens, other than the wizards getting a message that someone tried
        to kill someone else...this is no big deal.  *smile*
    IV. To become a player-killer, either attack something with the PKer flag
        (identifiable by their travel messages/listing in listpkers) or enter
        the command BLOODOATH.  Please note that once you take the Blood Oath,
        you are a player-killer forever.
     V. Being killed by another player costs you 25 percent of your score.
    VI. Killing another player garners you 25 percent of their score.

   VII. Players may not take the bloodoath before level 6.

PLEASE NOTE if we hear of Pkers harassing our non-Pker players, we will
more than likely remove the Pker system.  So your best bet is to NOT
harass the non-Pkers.  You can ask others to consider creating a Pker
character, but we do NOT want you making others feel that they have to
and if they do not, they are wimps.  Thank you for your attention on this.

And now, for the policy:

     A. Once you take the bloodoath you are a PKer for good.  This is final.
        No ifs.  No ands.  No buts.  Those with the ability to change pflags
        are instructed NOT to edit the PKer flag under ANY circumstances.
     B. The results of player vs. player fights are FINAL.  
     C. Players found to have two mortals on the game for the purpose of
        boosting one of the players' score with have both players summarily
        zapped and banned.  
     D. Wizards becoming PKer mortals anywhere but a start location will be
        handled with extreme prejudice under ElvenMUD's cheating policy.

Please send any questions and/or comments/suggestions you have regarding
ElvenMUD's Player-Killer System directly to Legolas.

This system will be under constant improvement and scrutiny.  Enjoy it! =-)


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