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August 10, 1996:

%Synergy% so no...I ain't leavin ;)  not till october or so
%Synergy% prolly take a four day weekend for me aniversary in sept tho
%Rachael% awww.. =-)
%Legolas% awww.. :)
a massive 'ass' rocks the realm...
%Legolas% ack!
a massive '&+AWW' rocks the realm...
%Legolas% shit
%Shan% rofl
%Rachael% ACK! what was that for? are you sitting on the "realm" again?
%Legolas% hey
%Legolas% !
%Synergy% rofl
%Rachael% *laugh!*
%Legolas% you saying i have a massive ass?
%Shan% you awwhole
%Legolas% rofl

August 10, 1996:
Legolas: *rofl*
Legolas: naaah, I wouldn't do that. :)
Shan: *puts her addy in BRIGHT RED*+C*
Shan: dammit
Shan: I suck
Legolas: *LAUGH*
Legolas: really!?
Legolas: *knows what he wants for his birthday now* :)
Shan: ooh, kinky
Legolas: laugh

August 18, 1996:

mute him
[MortalScuz has been muted by Legolas]
blind him
[MortalScuz has been blinded by Legolas]
cure him
%Ren% Having fun, chief?
With a laying on of hands, you miraculously cure Ren.
%Legolas% checking out the messages...
cure him
[MortalScuz has been cured by Legolas]
With a laying on of hands, you miraculously cure MortalScuz.
%Ren% *grin*
zap him
[Ren has just been zapped by Legolas]
[ 0] [Ren has departed from ElvenMUD in The Cavern of the Faithless (catacomb44)]
You hear an ominous clap of thunder in the distance.
** SYSTEM : SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[New connection from is descriptor 0]
[Ren is connecting using descriptor 0]
[ 0] [Ren ( has entered the game in start1 (Lev: 1)]
[Wish from Ren]
[guess it was just a meatter of time....  :P]
You shout 'That'll teach me to use pronouns in zap...'
<<Legolas quickly frobs Ren back up to DemiGod>>
Ren shouts 'thank you!  ;)'
MortalScuz has just died.
[MortalScuz has just been zapped by Legolas]
[ 3] [MortalScuz has departed from ElvenMUD in The Temple Of Paradise (start1)]
You hear an ominous clap of thunder in the distance.
Ren shouts 'a successful test  the proton packs.....'
You shout 'rofl'
%Legolas% sorry bout that Ren ;)
** Ren : Nice shootin, Tes!
** Ren : Tex.  sorry.
@Legolas@ *blush*

September 6, 1996:

Legolas: *grope Rachael*
Weasel acks and shouts 'Too much information!!'
Legolas: *CACKLE*
Rachael: hey! *bop Lego* we aren't married yet.. none of that! ;)
Legolas: shiiii...
Weasel: a very well needed action
** SYSTEM : I now pronounce Rachael and Legolas...wife and man.
** SYSTEM : erm, genie and Elf ;)
Rachael: wife and MAN?
Weasel: I guess NOW it would be time to make the room restricted
Rachael: *laugh*
Legolas: ROFL!!!!!!

September 16, 1996:

*Synergy* dunno now
*Legolas* dunno what?
*Synergy* which one
*Legolas* which one what?
*Legolas* *confused*
*Synergy* nevermind
*Legolas* okay
*Synergy* scrollback
*Synergy* :P
*Legolas* from 45 minutes ago!? :)

September 22, 1996:

[Legolas] allright god dammit
[Legolas] Synergy.. listen up
[REBOOT by Legolas]
[Rachael] *laugh*
[Rachael] ACK
@Legolas@ The lines will stay this way
@Legolas@ 'til someone gets their lazy ass in the code
[Synergy] wtf
[Legolas] :)
[Synergy] fine have fun with 'em
Rachael: that's cruel, Bryan
Legolas: CACKLE!
@Legolas@ ;)
Legolas tells you 'good lord'

September 23, 1996:

%Ren% you just hounding me cuz you know that rick will NOT lend you 50 bucks?
%Legolas% Nope.
%Legolas% I know Rick is running his own business and is married
%Ren% ;)
%Legolas% and his place just got hit by lightning
%Legolas% at a charge of $10,000
%Ren% married?  really?
%Ren% eep.  lightning?  that's almost as bad as being MARRIED...  *tease*  ;)
%Legolas% ROFL!!!!!

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