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September 29, 1996:

Ren says 'not like we're open yet'
Shan says 'It's gonna suck when we can't use that excuse anymore ;)'
Shan scratches her head.
Ren says 'hmm.  we will need NEW excuses...'
Shan says 'yeah..'

September 30, 1996:

Ren chats 'you better get running, moses...'
Chief chats 'rofl'
Ren chats 'cu we're not open point in just hanging around idle yet'

September 30, 1996:

Ren says 'i think anytime someone has a problem, we can just tell em "oh
legolas is working on THAT..."'
Shan grins evilly.

October 2, 1996:

[Wish from Ren]
[please come back to the DemiGod line Legolas]
[Legolas hears DemiGod messages once again]
%Legolas% yesss? :)
%Ren% nothing.  just need an audience.....kinda a waste of time to dgod to
myself all morning... ;)

October 3, 1996:

@Sukar@ How many different lines are there?
@Legolas@ 10, I think
@Rachael@ 11
@Legolas@ erm, 11.
@Sukar@ *laugh*
@Legolas@ See?
@Legolas@ She keeps track of thingss for me :)
@Legolas@ Whether I ask her to or not ;)
@Legolas@ *smooch Rachael*
@Sukar@ that's what a woman's for.. keep her man in line.,
@Legolas@ Lines: shout, chat, blab, wiz, admin, gwiz (new line for yet unimpleme
nted level), istari, dgod, avatar, god
@Sukar@ So there's a chat line, blab line, wizline, awizline
@Sukar@ nevermind
@Legolas@ that's only 10
@Ren@ that enough lines for ya, Sukar...? ;)
@Legolas@ *wonders where the lost line went*
@Sukar@ the awiz line maybe?
@Rachael@ I remember you counting them up and coming to 11..
@Legolas@ Oops.
@Legolas@ *doh*
@Ren@ *grin*
@Legolas@ I didn't count ArchWizard when I'm talking on the ARCHWIZARD channel
@Rachael@ *laugh*
@Ren@ There must be some irony in there somewhere.... ;)

October 3, 1996:

[Weasel has BECOME Elfboy]
[Elfboy has departed from ElvenMUD in All at Sea (sea7)]
[Weasel ( has entered the game in sea7 (Vis:0)]
Legolas: you did a become in a deathroom! :)
Sukar: rofl!!!!
Ren: *grin*
Weasel: *mental note* dont become in a death room
Sukar: *shakes head*

October 7, 1996:

[Wish from Weasel]
[Wish from Weasel]
[hhmm... that didn't sound right]
[Wish from Weasel]
[legolas would login]
[Wish from Rachael]

October 11, 1996:

%Ren% don't mind me  ;)
%Legolas% chuckle
Legolas tries in vain to revive the female Powers, who are apparently off on
their own somewhere, during the meeting...*slapf*
Ren taps the microphone and asks, "Is this thing ON??"

October 14, 1996:

Wierdbird tells you 'i always dig the depression. not that i *dig* depression :)'

October 14, 1996:

[Weasel has left his keyboard: 'dad usin netscape']
Weasel: he is forever lookin up investment stuff
Ren: damn him.  doesn't he know there is important time to be wasted??

October 17, 1996:

Ren chats 'the hell with you!  you can ALL leave the chat line!  that won't stop
my blabbing.....hey...wait a second...'
Ren blabs 'ha!  forgot, we have unlimited channels!'

October 18, 1996:

Rachael chats 'heya BlueMM.. =-)'
Rachael chats 'Where are your friends?'
BlueMM chats 'their stuck in the wrapper'
Rachael chats '*laugh*'

October 22, 1996:

#Weasel# *ack* my cat activated my script file
#Ren# smart cat
#Ren# i get my dog to do my backups for me....
#Ren# and my hamster drives me to work.  my cat doesnt' do SHIT.
#Weasel# *laugh*


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