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October 31, 1996:

Rachael chats 'Hiya Penelope! =-)'
Gentoo chats 'Pene for your thoughts?'
Penelope chats 'hehe, Gentoo'
Rachael chats '*grin* cute Gentoo.. ;)'
Penelope chats 'be gentoo with me, I'm fragile'
Gentoo chats '*lol*'

October 31, 1996:

(Legolas to Nobody, who is briefly in possession of Anastasia's keyboard)
You say 'Remind me to zap Anastasia once Jenn is on alone...'
Anastasia ponders the question of life, universe and everything.
Anastasia says 'oif she's on alone....'
Anastasia says 'i wont be here to remind you....'
You say 'hmmm'
Anastasia says 'and so i cant remind you to zap her'
You say 'that's a good point.'
Anastasia says 'cuz i wont be here if the qualification is that i wont be here...'
Anastasia says 'and she is too smart to remind you....'
You fall down laughing.
Anastasia says 'that chick has brains'
Anastasia says 'her ass aint gonna remind you to zap her ass!'

November 3, 1996:

[Objection to reset registered by Khayman]
[Objection to reset registered by Khayman]
[Objection to reset registered by Khayman]
[Objection to reset registered by Khayman]
[Objection to reset registered by Khayman]
Sukar chats 'you can stop objecting!'
Weasel: *ack* ok no reset, we get the point
Pk: take away the nn alias
Pk: waiyt
Pk: it was because he's typing north alot
Pk: it happens to me
Pk: left hand pushs n faster then the right can push enter
Legolas: what if you're typing upside down?
Legolas: then the right hand is typing N first ;)
Pk: then your probably not running very fast
Legolas: I always run fast. :)
Lemonhead chats 'ummmmmmm, well, I hadn't gotten that far in my train of that yet'
Pk: thus you don't type upside down
Legolas chats 'train of that?'
Sukar: it's hard on the head to type upside down.
Legolas: *laugh Sukar*!!!
Lemonhead chats 'train of thought :)'
Lemonhead chats 'hell, I think I missed my train of thought'
Sukar chats 'it left an hour ago'
Legolas chats 'ROFL!!!!!!!'

November 3, 1996:

** SYSTEM : addition to info quotes
Lemonhead chats 'which one?'
Pk chats 'you lie'
Sukar says 'liar'
Sukar pokes you in the ribs.
Legolas chats 'which one???'
Legolas chats 'are you kidding?'
Legolas chats 'uhhh...prolly the most RECENT one? :)'
Lemonhead chats 'uhhhh, which info thing?'
Sukar says 'ahh!'
Legolas chats '(info quotes96c)'
Lemonhead chats 'oh, good idea :)'
Sukar says 'found it'

November 3, 1996:

Ren: oh, good lord.  flate-rate unlimited access on AOL?
Gumby: *faint* excuse me?
Legolas: *nod*
Ren: every idiot and his inbred brother are gonna be online NOW....
Legolas: Yep.
Blackadder: *nod* i heard that was coming
Legolas: MAW!  PAW done shot up the American Online again!
Legolas: (friend of mine wrote that commercial)
Ren: damn it!  the internet is supposed to be for the technological elite.....dammit!
Legolas: ROFL
Legolas: since WHEN?
Ren: like us... ;)
Legolas: <----technologically elite?
Ren: along

November 3, 1996:

** SYSTEM: the New York Jets finally won a game!
[Rachael is echoalling]
ElvenMUD wrinkles her nose at her Elven god regarding his baseball raw...ack...
pssst pthb.
** SYSTEM: (attention Genie: the New York Jets are a FOOTBALL team)
** SYSTEM: (and since when did the MUD as an entity become female??)

November 7, 1996:

%Legolas% get movin', kid
%Legolas% 4 minutes
%Rachael% *wavers* Yes master..
%Legolas% i love you :)
%Legolas% ACK...misline
%Legolas% sorry barry/jon
%Ren% you don't love me and jon?                  
%Legolas% I think it's a little too soon for love, BArry
%Legolas% I mean, I really like you...
%Ren% please!  how long have you known me?  you won't find devotion
%Ren% i can't go on like this....  *cackle*  ok.  that's enough.    

November 8, 1996:

%Ren% so, fine, no naked pictures of ANYONE on the webpage.  what DO we want to
 have there, then...?
%Legolas% a .wav of the powers' orgy?
%Rachael% *laugh*                                
%Legolas% orgy with 5 guys, 1 girl
%Legolas% Not good...
%Rachael% how about a pic of the powers/immortals.. with an interview of each o
f them..
%Legolas% *doesn't want ANYONE else touching his girlfriend*
%Rachael% like a file that tells about yourself and such..
%Rachael% and you have to be a wizard on here to be able to do that.
%Ren% hmm.  you might be onto something there, terri...
%Legolas% That'd be interesting...
%Legolas% I could write 5 questions...
%Rachael% ooo.. orgy with 5 guys and me.. *grin* *evil grin*
%Ren% the problem is acquiring these pictures...
%Legolas% and we all answer them in our own way
%Rachael% *nod*          
%Rachael% like.. what do I like to do when I'm not mudding..
%Legolas% Terri and I will take some pictures next time she's in Baltimore. :)
%Rachael% what's my favorite sport.. to do and to watch..
%Legolas% *nod*
%Rachael% what's my favorite food.. etc.                  
%Ren% oh, some people will have VOLUMES to speak on what they do outside of the
 muds...  ;)
%Legolas% Hey, the real-life section should be interesting for me and Terri. ;)
%Ren% i thought we said no naked pictures?  ;)    
%Legolas% ACK!

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