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November 11, 1996:

#Ren# <--is done being obsessed with nekkid pictures for the time being.
#Azora# How bout some nekkid pics of legolas? He keeps sending em to me
#Legolas# *gasp*
#Ren# eew.  those are a dime a dozen...
#Legolas# HEY!
#Legolas# *sniff*
#Ren# did you see his christmas card last year?  crotchless santa suit...  :P
#Legolas# ACK!
#Azora# ROFL
#Ren# ho ho HO!
#Ren# <--wonders where he comes up with all this

November 11, 1996:

%Ren% bryan, i got a there any way to kill those 'still
connecting' people in sockets...?
%Legolas% 'killd'
%Legolas% 'killd #'
%Legolas% watch
killd 0
[Descriptor 0 - connection severed - Ren@]
[ 0] [Ren has departed from ElvenMUD in Suspended Above The Chasm (catacomb41)]

November 13, 1996:

** SYSTEM : It has been decreed that, in all cases where a power needs to take one for the team, whatever horrid stuff that might imply, it falls upon Weasel's head.  So mote it be.
%Ren% so mote it be?  that some kinda jive talk, gumby?
%Ren% mote it be, my brother!  *hifive*
%Legolas% *rofl jive*!
%Ren% you speak jive, don't you legolas...? ;)

November 17, 1996:

Pooh chats 'i gotta rope, now all i need is a bed and someone to tie to it..'
Pk chats 'rofl'

November 17, 1996:

Kintokarachi chats 'Bow down to the Mighty Legolas, all ye mere mortals!!!'
Pk chats 'someone wants a heal'
Legolas chats '*chuckle*'
Pooh chats 'legos more fun to annoy, hes no fun to bow down to'

November 18, 1996:

BlueMM chats 'nice echoto...hehe'
Gumby chats 'what echoto?'
Pooh chats 'wasn't an echoto, that's for sure'
BlueMM chats 'ahh'
Sukar chats 'I don;t even know what an echoto is.'
BlueMM chats 'hehe...maybe just an echo'
Gumby chats '*whiff* strike 2.  not an echo.'
BlueMM chats 'I do here echo's sometimes, these candy dishes are kinda big'

November 29, 1996:

Anastasia: you can make me one. :)
Legolas: make you one what?
Legolas: Avatar?
Legolas: hehehe...that'd make Ren's night.
Anastasia: hehe
Ren: yeah, might as well jerk me around.  i'm the resident whipping boy...  ;)
[Ren has timed out]
Legolas: Yep.
Anastasia: *whip*
Gentoo: whoops!
Legolas: ROFL

December 5, 1996:

@(Weasel)@ HeY ByAtCh!
@Legolas@ yes?
@(Weasel)@ :)
@Legolas@ <---doesn't believe he just answered to 'HeY ByAtCh!'
@(Weasel)@ *snicker*
@Legolas@ *sigh*

December 5, 1996:

Sauron shouts 'THERE'S TOO MUCH BLOOD IN MY CAFFEINE STREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

December 7, 1996:

Gentoo chats 'anyone have a spare pen?'
Coral chats 'oo oo, i do'
Coral chats 'shall i email it to you?'
Gentoo chats 'sure'
Gentoo chats 'er'
Legolas chats 'freaks...'

December 10, 1996:

Now AFK. You've left this message behind: coding..
%Ren% you'd think that legolas pays attention now and then...
%Ren% ;)
%Ren% i know he only responds to about a third of my questions/comments to him
on the average....  ;)
%Gumby% you get a third?!?
%Gumby% *worthy* *worship* wow!  i'm impressed.
%Ren% that's just a guess...
%Ren% in reality, i suspect it's much less...  ;)
%Legolas% yeahyeahyeah... ;)
%Ren% and, typically that response is a zap/tout/exo, so don't get TOO jealous..%Gumby% ah.  okie.

December 10, 1996:

Nobody: *cry*
Nobody: i've got  brilliant idea here....
Nobody: how about when you accidentally type O
Nobody: you get alttle thingy that says "are yousure you want to be spammed for
5 minutes straight?
Jonix: rofl
Nobody: and then youhave to type y to see theobject lists

December 15, 1996:

Gentoo: Lego? why are you here and not on Elven...
(Legolas): *pat forehead*  Charlie, this *is* Elven
Gentoo: doh! duh!!! I get it you're invi
Gentoo: oh yeah...*yawn*
Gentoo: Morning
Gentoo: I knew that...just was seeing if you were invi...yeah that's it!!!
Gentoo: *rofl*

December 17, 1996:

@Weasel@ you just watch someday somehow, I AM gonna find a female!
@Legolas@ shyah
@Weasel@ I tell you I am, relly I am!!

December 18, 1996:

Darwick chats 'I think I found another death room'
Sauron chats 'you think? :)'
Darwick chats 'Too bad we dont get points for that'
Darwick chats 'Id be a wiz by now for sure'
Sauron chats 'rofl!'

December 18, 1996:

Taryn is struck!
Your last spell did the trick.
Taryn has died.
[Taryn has been slain magically by Legolas]
Legolas shouts 'In Weasel's name, I hereby slay Taryn!'
[ 2] [Taryn has departed from ElvenMUD in The Village Church (start2)]
Weasel slaps his forehead in utter exasperation.
Weasel: REAL nice  *SLAPF*
Weasel: you killed my wife, in my NAME!
Legolas: <---marriage counselor
Weasel: *snicker*

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