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January 14, 1997:

Weasel shouts '*ping*'
[Weasel started aliasing Mobile Puff]
[Puff has been slain magically by Legolas]
[Weasel stopped aliasing Mobile Puff]
You hear an ominous clap of thunder in the distance.
@Legolas@ *snicker*
Weasel shouts '*PONG*'
[Quitting Game: Weasel]
[ 1] [Weasel has departed from ElvenMUD in Taryn and Weasel's Observatory (awiz7)]
@Gentoo@ *giggle*
[New connection from is descriptor 1]
[Weasel is connecting using descriptor 1]
[ 1] [Weasel ( has entered the game in awiz7 (Vis: 0)]
@Legolas@ genius didn't notice Puff had been zapped?
@Legolas@ roflroflrofl
@Weasel@ BYATCH!
@Weasel@ not when I lag a little and type everything at once

February 3, 1997:

Legolas: *gives Taryn a dictionary*
Taryn: i can spell.. just not in lag
Taryn: *taryn won the speeling be in 8 grade*
Taryn: ;)
Hope: speeling be?
Hope: smile :)
Taryn: ee even
Legolas: speeling be?
Legolas: speeling?
Taryn: hell today is not my day

February 21, 1997:

-Spooky-'s Devotee
-Devotee- meep?
Spooky: yeah
Legolas: YEAH!
-Spooky- doh..yeah
-Legolas- DOH!
Spooky: YEAH YEAH!
-Spooky- damn are we bored or are we bored? :)
-Jara- i'm not
-Legolas- yeah =(

February 22, 1997:

%Ren% heya...
@Blackadder@ Hola Senor Byatch
%Jonix% Whoohoo!!
@Ren@ hola senor....ummm...damn, what can i call YOU, ba?  ;)
@Blackadder@ hehehehe
%Legolas% Heya BYATCH :)
%Ren% pardon me?
@Blackadder@ you can come up with a nickname im sure, Ren
@Legolas@ nah
@Ren@ an appropriate spanish nickname, tho...?
@Legolas@ he's just not that creative ;)
@Jonix@ Nah, just zap him.
@Blackadder@ hehehe
@Legolas@ ROFL
@Blackadder@ i now call Ren Senor Byatch
@Ren@ <--sensing some anti-ren sentiment tonite...
@Legolas@ *ROFL*!
@Blackadder@ mister beef???
@Jonix@ Sure
@Jonix@ How bout Senor Queso?  I like that better
@Ren@ here's my approach, i will just call you senor...whatever spanish word or
spanishSOUNDING word i can think of...
@Blackadder@ hehehe
@Blackadder@ i think Jonix is Senor Cerveza tonite ;)
@Ren@ for example, let's try this again...
@Jonix@ I don't know what Cerveza means
@Blackadder@ hola Senor Byatch!
@Ren@ hola Senor Jugo de Naranja!
@Blackadder@ rofl
@Ren@ yes, it's mr. orange juice...
@Blackadder@ Cerveza = beer, Jonix ;)
@Jonix@ I am Senor Cerveza!
@Legolas@ laugh
@Ren@ good spanish stuff i remember from 7th grade spanish...  ;)
@Jonix@ Hehe, I was just about to ask what the spanish word for Beer was
@Blackadder@ see? can i call em, or what?
@Blackadder@ i AM the Senor ;)
@Ren@ one day i may callyou mr. scrambled eggs or mr. ham.  so, be prepared.  ;)
@Jonix@ Mister Green Eggs and Ham!!!
@Ren@ but for today, mr. orange juice is it!
@Ren@ are you impressed with my grasp of the spanish language, blackadder?  ;)
@Blackadder@ si, senor Byatch...muy impresivo...

February 24, 1997:

Reverend chats 'hmm, some immortal needs to GET LAID!!!'
@Weasel@ well.. he DOES have a point there
@Blackadder@ sorry dude...i just got some yesterday :)
@Blackadder@ then again, i have a fiancee so i can pretty much get it whenever
@Blackadder@ i highly recommend it :)
@Jonix@ Damn you
@Weasel@ *PTHB*  BYATCH!!!
@Weasel@ <-- 20 and no G/F
@Jonix@ <-- 21 and it's not getting any better
@Blackadder@ you guys need to go to the BA school of wimmin-gettin'
@Jonix@ Hehe
@Weasel@ <-- attended Ren's school of "dem MY bitch's"
@Jonix@ I'm hitting on a chick who's kinda got a boyfriend
@Blackadder@ oooh...never a good move Jonix
@Jonix@ I think she wants to break up with him
@Jonix@ grin, I only found out last Friday, and I've been hitting on her
for a month and a half
@Jonix@ She could have said something sooner ;)
@Blackadder@ its an ego trip
@Blackadder@ women always like to know the COULD get someone else if they
@Jonix@ She said "I kinda have a boyfriend.  It's a weird situation."
@Blackadder@ bleh...stay away from 'weird' situations
@Jonix@ That sounds to me like she's not gonna have a boyfriend for much longer
@Jonix@ Or maybe she wants a threesome
@Weasel@ *nod Jonix*
@Blackadder@ it sounds to me like theyll be off and on and off and on for months
if not years
@Jonix@ I don't know, her boyfriend lives 500 miles away
@Jonix@ I kinda think she's having second thoughts about the ldr thing
@Blackadder@ ahh...see i dont consider that a boyfriend
@Blackadder@ i consider that a guy that lives 500 miles away
@Jonix@ I do, until she formally breaks up with him
@Jonix@ snicker
@Blackadder@ my advice is...sleep with her, see how she is, then decide.. ;)
@Weasel@ *slapf*
@Blackadder@ oh my god
@Blackadder@ am i becoming a Byatch??
@Jonix@ *grin* If she's anywhere near as good in bed as she looks, then I
decided on that the first day I met her ;)
@Weasel@ *nod*
@Blackadder@ unfortunately sometimes good looks dont = good in bed
@Jonix@ I don't care, I'll teach her
@Blackadder@ rofl
@Weasel@ *notes that Blackadder must be a disciple of Ren*

February 28, 1997:

Ren chats 'can you code the ren line so i can talk to myself, too...?'
You chat 'you bet'
Ren chats 'awwwwwww yeah...'
Ren chats 'then, i could invite people to my line....that would be cool...'
You chat 'what would the command be to talk on it, though?'
You chat 'Wait, I've got it!'
Ren chats 'dont make me come over there, legolas...'
Slate chats 'but it wouldnt be a ren line then would it?'
Slate chats 'it would be a ren and guests line'
Ren chats 'sure it would be.  ;)'
You chat 'sure it would'
You chat 'he gets to decide who's on it :)'
Aso chats 'The InvRen pflag? *laugh*'
You chat 'InvByatch ;)'
Ren chats 'ho ho ho.'
Ren chats 'it would just be another line for me to talk and nobody to
listen....altho i get that on the dgod line as it is now...  :)'
Nobody chats 'why would i want to listen?'
You chat '*ROFL NOBODY*'
Nobody chats 'i'd just tune out whatever you said anyhow'
Ren chats 'fine, you won't be invited, nobody.  :P'
Nobody chats 'you'd have to invite me if you want me to listen.'
Ren chats 'not gonna happen.  you're blacklisted from the renline...  ;)'
Ren chats '<--pencils nobody on the 'lifetime ban' list for the line...'
Nobody chats 'then why'd you bring up wanting me to listen anyhow?'
Ren chats 'i was speaking in generalities, nobody....  ;)  and using nobody in the greater sense....  ;)'
Nobody chats 'great, so now you're taking my name in vain'
Ren chats 'nope....definitely not gonna invite you to the renline, nobody...  
Nobody chats 'dork'

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