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13 May 1998 @ 9:30 pm

*Legolas* With your programming expertise, you should work in GS over the summer.
*Legolas* All computer shit these days is done by GS folks.
*Legolas* (GS == government service)
*Legolas* basically civilian military personnel
*Legolas* friend of mine had level GS-6 by the time he was 5
*Legolas* 5?
*Rhadamanthus* 5?
*Legolas* 17, I meant.
*Legolas* *slapf*
*Rhadamanthus* *rofl*
*Legolas* dammit!  21!
*Legolas* where the fuck is my brain?
*Rhadamanthus* 5, 17, 21, same difference.
*Legolas* smartass
*Legolas* ;)

16 May 1998 @ 10:38pm

<Ist> Jara: beat me if ya need me :)
<Ist> Jara: *giggle*
<Ist> Legolas: beat you??
[Jara has left her keyboard: 'beep if needed :)']
Jara tells you ':) *grin*&W'
<Ist> Legolas: *slapf*!
<Ist> Jara: just being wierd :)
<Ist> Legolas: Ah.
<Ist> Legolas: Well, you're good at it.

17 May 1998 @ 6:35am

|Chat| Coral: I have no problems sharing my breasts, unfortunately i cannot
shove them through my monitor

24 May 1998 @ 12:13am

|Chat| JoeyR: any1 got 1 of them healing flux thingies?
|Chat| Legolas: Hmm... where did I leave my healing flux?
|Chat| Legolas: I had one right here...
|Chat| JoeyR: rofl
|Chat| Legolas fumbles around in his pockets.
|Chat| Stress: did you drop it somewhere?
|Chat| Legolas: I think I did..
|Chat| Stress: the pit perhaps?
|Chat| Legolas: Hmm... let's see..
|Chat| Legolas: I was chatting with Aso by the pit in the Temple..
|Chat| Stress: oh no!
|Chat| Legolas tries to remember.
|Chat| JoeyR: well, now, should I go to paradise?
|Chat| Stress: you could have pitted the flux!!!!
|Chat| Legolas: Hang on, lemme go look.
|Chat| Legolas jumps into the pit.
|Chat| Stress: you sure tho, you could have just misplaced it
|Chat| JoeyR: haha.
|Chat| Legolas: damn, there's a lotta crap down here
|Chat| Stress: have you looked in ALL your pockets?
|Chat| Legolas tosses items out of the way..
|Chat| Legolas: hey, here's something..
|Chat| Stress: you'll never find it down there
|Chat| Legolas: I found Stress' virginity!
|Chat| Stress: eep, i lost that ages ago!
|Chat| Altair: *rofl*
|Chat| Legolas: you want it back?
|Chat| Legolas: or shall i leave it down here?
|Chat| Stress: so thats where it ended up.. naah more fun without it..
|Chat| Legolas: *nod*
|Chat| Legolas: Aha!
|Chat| Legolas: found it!
You unleash a massive healing flux to heal all injured mortals.
You healed the following mortals:

27 May 1998 @ 6:38pm

|Chat| Chipper: moses are you running? do you want my equipment?
|Chat| Legolas: *LAUGH*
|Chat| Gumby: *snicker* you aren't serious, are you?
|Chat| Hadron: *ROFL*
|Chat| Chipper: naa im not serious...but i just wanted to see what it would sound like
|Chat| Chipper: if he would have said yes i would have given it to him ;)

9 June 1998 @ 10:50pm

<1|Wiz> Legolas: My typing always gives my echoalling away. ;)
<1|Wiz> Legolas: no one else types that fast  *chuckle*
<1|Wiz> Ren: don't flatter yourself. ;)
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Ah, blow me.
<1|Wiz> Legolas hands Ren a nickel.
<1|Wiz> Legolas waits for his change.
<1|Wiz> Ren: not even if you were considerably cuter...
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *laugh*!

15 July 1998 @ 11:25 pm

|0|Chat| Legolas: back to weird trivia
|0|Chat| Legolas: Question 21.
|0|Chat| Legolas: 2,000 points.
|0|Chat| DeadDuck: I thought that was last one
|0|Chat| Legolas: How many t-shirts do I own?
|0|Chat| Taryn: lots?
|0|Chat| Vamp: 15
|0|Chat| Azathoth: 3
|0|Chat| Striker: 38
|0|Chat| Vamp: 69
|0|Chat| Legolas: *BLINK*
|0|Chat| Legolas: How the Hell did you do that, Striker?
|0|Chat| Striker: lucky i gess
|0|Chat| Legolas: Striker got it.  *blink*!!!!!
|0|Chat| Azathoth: he's inside your head mamn.
|0|Chat| Weasel: hhm.. he must have woke up before you did when he stayed with you  ;)
|0|Chat| Legolas: *DOH*!
|0|Chat| Legolas kicks Weasel in the teeth!
|0|Chat| Vamp: rofl
|0|Chat| Legolas: bastard ;)
|0|Chat| Weasel: damn right skippy!
|0|Chat| Legolas: you idiot
|0|Chat| Legolas: it's "you damn skippy"
|0|Chat| Striker: it bad when im down to counting t-shirts for points
|0|Chat| Legolas: Next question.
|0|Chat| Legolas: 5,000 points.
|0|Chat| Vamp: rofl

17 July 1998 @ 5:38 pm

|0|Chat| Splat: the worst day in history!  Burn all the clothes you wore today!
|0|Chat| Sandalwood: what if I didn't wear any?
|0|Chat| Splat: Erm......ooooooooookay!
|0|Chat| DarkHorse: but...but..they are my FAVORITE panties!!
|0|Chat| Sandalwood: rofl
|0|Chat| DarkHorse: did i say that aloud??
|0|Chat| Legolas: *ROFL*
|0|Chat| Sandalwood: yuppers
|0|Chat| DarkHorse: you should prolly ignore that

21 July 1998 @ 3:51 pm

|Chat| BaDMeDiCiNe: ellyll is cyute =)
|Chat| Ren: whatabout me??  :O
|Chat| Spooky: you're cute too ren
|Chat| BaDMeDiCiNe: i dunno yet silly
|Chat| Ren: *gasp*
|Chat| Legolas: Ren's cute... if he's surrounded by naked women. ;)
|Chat| Ren: that never hurts
|Chat| Legolas: well, it can
|Chat| Ren: i think i'm much more charming when i'm surrounded by naked women, too.
|Chat| Legolas: you could be surrounded by naked women, each one of whom is stabbing you with a 14" knife
|Chat| Ren: or is that when i drink a lot of beer?  *ponder*
|Chat| Ren: well, if they were STABBING me, that would be another story...probably.  but, if you hafta get stabbed by SOMEONE, i'd prefer it to be nekkid women.
|Chat| Legolas: *ROFL*

27 July 1998 @ 10:35 am

<1|Wiz> Moses: *cackle*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: ?
<1|Wiz> Moses: !
<1|Wiz> Moses: :)
<1|Wiz> Legolas: ~
<1|Wiz> Moses: _
<1|Wiz> Legolas: |
<1|Wiz> Moses: \
<1|Wiz> Legolas: ^
<1|Wiz> Moses: &
<1|Wiz> Legolas: ,
<1|Wiz> Moses: -
<1|Wiz> Legolas: @
<1|Wiz> Moses: #
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *
<1|Wiz> Moses: )
<1|Wiz> Legolas: [
<1|Wiz> Moses: `
<1|Wiz> Legolas: ]
<1|Wiz> Moses: (
<1|Wiz> Legolas: +
<1|Wiz> Moses: =
<1|Wiz> Legolas: }
<1|Wiz> Moses: {
<1|Wiz> Legolas: $
<1|Wiz> Moses: %
<1|Wiz> Legolas: `
<1|Wiz> Legolas: oop!
<1|Wiz> Moses: *cackle*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: You win, Moses.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: (What the Hell were we playing, anyway?)
<1|Wiz> Moses: Dunno, but it was fun ;)
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *laugh*

20 December 1998 @ 5:00 pm

|0|Chat| Loki: Is eating his arm
|0|Chat| Loki: Umm, no
|0|Chat| Loki: Cabalist
|0|Chat| Loki: Err, Canabalist
|0|Chat| Legolas: Cannibal
|0|Chat| Loki: Mmmmm, mmm good
|0|Chat| Silz: be a cannibal don't you have to eat OTHER people?
|0|Chat| Legolas: That's what I thought.
|0|Chat| Legolas: *nod Silz*
|0|Chat| Loki: Don't give me ideas
|0|Chat| Legolas: *ponder*
|0|Chat| WooHoo: safe cannibalism
|0|Chat| WooHoo: wiv all the disease
|0|Chat| WooHoo: we should respect his choice
|0|Chat| Legolas: *laugh*
|0|Chat| Loki: I'm a passive canabalist, I eat my own body parts
|0|Chat| Drizzle: I wish I could :)

23 December 1998 @ 11:00 pm

Level  Name         Sex Status Str/Max Dam Arm Vis   Grp Idle     Location
[Foun] Legolas       M  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:05 beach2      
[DGod] Weasel        M  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:08 beach2      
[MWiz] Taryn         F  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:04 beach2      
[MWiz] Ravyn         F  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:48:15 beach2      
[ Wiz] Moses         M  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:06 beach2      
[Emer] Kadi          F  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:01 beach2      
[Emer] Ivy           F  Fight  ---/--- --- --- 0      N  00:00:43 beach2      
There are 7 players currently on the game.

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