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08 January: 10:00pm

Ren tells you 'where are info files at?  src dir?'
You tell Ren '*ROFL*'
You tell Ren 'That belongs in info quotes. ;)'
You tell Ren 'elven/data/INFO'
You tell Ren 'so prolly pdirt/data/INFO'
Ren tells you 'ain't no elven directory in MY mud.  you must be thinking
          of mystique. ;)'

13 January: 01:25am

<3|MWiz> Roland: heyas :)
<1|Wiz> Taryn: i will, im going to go no matter what to shop
<1|Wiz> Hope: nope, amanda prolly wouldn't appreciate it much.
<3|MWiz> Taryn: hi roalndo
<3|MWiz> Taryn: err rolando
<3|MWiz> Legolas: roland roland roland... god my ass is swoland... roland roland roland.. rawhide!
<3|MWiz> Hope: ack
<3|MWiz> Taryn: *stare*
<3|MWiz> Legolas: ;)
<3|MWiz> Roland: can't say as I've ever heard that one before
<3|MWiz> Roland: cackle
<3|MWiz> Legolas: hehehe

14 January: 08:40am

<1|Wiz> Ren: fine.  i won't respond to you OR shake your hand, since you wanna be like that....  :P
<1|Wiz> Legolas: whaat?
<1|Wiz> Legolas: I went to get my uniform... whaa happen?
<1|Wiz> Ren: some strange, powerful force prevenst me from shaking your hand.  must be common sense. ;)
<1|Wiz> Ren: plus, i try and say hi, and i get the soundproofed message
<1|Wiz> Ivy: *nod ren*
<1|Wiz> Ren: that's ok, you don't need to have any interaction with the common rabble....
<1|Wiz> Ivy: *snicker*
<1|Wiz> Ren: the common rabble has 2 words for you
<1|Wiz> Ren: *makes rude gestured*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *gestures*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *can't spell*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *will not be ignored*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *no, really*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *ahem*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *AHEM*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *may have to revise his ignorance policy*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *gives up*
<1|Wiz> Ren: :P
<1|Wiz> Ivy: rofl
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Holy shit, polypros are *warm*.
<1|Wiz> Ivy: oh so NOW he responds
<1|Wiz> Ren: just to talk about his damn SELF...
<1|Wiz> Legolas: I was getting dressed for work, if you don't mind. ;)
<1|Wiz> Ivy: and what
<1|Wiz> Ivy: err what if we do mind
<1|Wiz> Ivy: maybe I'd rather you not get dressed....for work that is
<1|Wiz> Ren: he don't care.  he'll just stay somewhere soundproofed and ignore us.  :P
:at ren missile him
Ren is struck!
<1|Wiz> Ren: ha!  you missed!
<1|Wiz> Ivy: hey, at least he shakes your hand when he logs in - he bites my ass and I can't even retaliate!
<1|Wiz> Ren: that must leave a mark
<1|Wiz> Ivy: *nod* everytime!

18 January: 00:15am

<1|Wiz> Ren: night...  *wave*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: hey
Ren leaves the game....and you find yourself feeling very alone...
<Wiz Info> Ren is quitting the game
<Wiz Info> Ren [ 4] has departed ElvenMUD from Silz's Court (wiz2)
[Socket Info] New connection from is descriptor 4
[Socket Info] Ren is connecting using descriptor 4
[Socket Info] Ren checked the users listing
<Wiz Info> Ren [ 4] has entered the game in wiz2 (Vis: 0)
The wait is over!  Ren is here!
<1|Wiz> Ren: was that 'hey' for a reason...?
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Yeah, but I just realized how late it is there.  Nevermind.
<1|Wiz> Ivy: snicker
<1|Wiz> Ren: well, i came back, at least splain what the hey was for so i can say 'it's too goddamn late, i'm going to bed.'  ;)
Now AFK. You've left this message behind: DS9
<1|Wiz> Ivy: *laugh* so he leaves ;)
<1|Wiz> Ren: oh, i'm offended and enraged now!
<1|Wiz> Ren: damn you, legolas!  everyone was right!  you ARE pure evil!
<1|Wiz> Ivy: *laugh*
<1|Wiz> Ren: *puts horrible polish curse on legolas*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *laugh*
<1|Wiz> Ren: muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  you'll rue the day you called me back here and ignored me to watch....DS9 of all things.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: that won't work on me, dear Ren
<1|Wiz> Ren: at least you didn't dis me to go watch voyager...
<1|Wiz> Legolas: <---Austro-Hungarian ancestry.
<1|Wiz> Ren: or babylon 5
<1|Wiz> Legolas: (at the time, near Krakow, which is now the capital of Poland)
<1|Wiz> Ren: polish curses are not bright enough to check for ancestry.  they are equal-opportunity
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Poland didn't exist as a nation when my ancestors got the fuck out.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *rofl*
<1|Wiz> Ren: your ancestors were the spawn of the devil!  you tell more lies!  aiiiiieeeee!!!!!!

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