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10 March: 2:33pm

|AChat| Llyan@Elven: coffee anyone? bit of a danish perhaps? valium?
|AChat| Ren@Elven: coffee will stunt yer growth
|AChat| Llyan@Elven: good, im too tall as it is

17 March: 1:38am

|0|Chat| Legolas: Damn it, I still haven't eaten dinner.. I'm not hungry now, but if I don't eat, I'
m going to feel like crap tomorrow.
|0|Chat| Legolas: *sigh*
|0|Chat| Llyan: have some melon
|0|Chat| Nirvana: Here's what you do. Drink lots and lots of alcohol, and then sniff airplane glue f
or a good hour.
|0|Chat| Nirvana: Get you going like nothing
|0|Chat| Ravyn: which explains Nirvana's mental state
|0|Chat| Nirvana: eh?
|0|Chat| Ravyn: exactly
|0|Chat| Legolas: *laugh*

18 May: 12:10am

<1|Wiz> Daria: Hmm? What did you say Mel?
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Well, perhaps Logan will finally give me XTC code access.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: It's down.. again.. and he's asleep.
<1|Wiz> Daria: Sleep good...
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Sleep bad.
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: oh haha. ;)
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Sleep waste of 25% of your life.
<1|Wiz> Nobody: sleep good.
<1|Wiz> Nobody: now you're starting to sound like this guy i know....
<1|Wiz> Legolas: If I could take a pill that would enable me to sleep only 1 hour a night and be tot
ally rested, I'd pay $100 a week for such a drug.
<1|Wiz> Nobody: i took a math class with him....
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: i cherish my sleep.
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and once i was whining about how i didn't do the homework because i had to sleep
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and he looks at me (twitching all the time) and says "well... you don't really -need
- to sleep.  sleep just wastes your life...
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and then he would twitch some more...
<1|Wiz> Daria: Sounds like HE needed some sleep.
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: eek..
<1|Wiz> Nobody: well, he was a speed dealer...
<1|Wiz> Nobody: he needed to lay off the speed and sleep.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *laugh*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: such people sleep for about 48 hours at a stretch
<1|Wiz> Nobody: so there's your miracle drug, bry.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: I said fully rested.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: I didn't say twitching. ;)
<1|Wiz> Nobody: what if you twitch instead of being fully rested? would that do?
<1|Wiz> Legolas: no
<1|Wiz> Legolas: also I'd piss hot, and that would be bad
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: tmi?
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and you'd break out too
<1|Wiz> Legolas: (piss hot = test positive in Army Drug Test)
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: or psa?
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and twitch
<1|Wiz> Nobody: and annoy the crap out of people
<1|Wiz> Nobody: oh wait, you already do that
<1|Wiz> Legolas: Well, I do that now. ;)
Nobody winks suggestively at you.
<1|Wiz> Legolas: HEY!
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: ROFL
<1|Wiz> Legolas: BYATCH!
<1|Wiz> Nobody: *innoc*

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