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30 May 1999: 3:00pm

You say 'just to check 'em out'
Ren says 'i've used the top flite hot XLs for a while...'
You say 'fuckin' expensive'
You say 'you know of Inergels?'
Ren says 'my brother swears by those pro staff titaniums....'
Ren says 'inergels?  no'
You say 'Know that shit they put in ski bindings?'
Ren says 'of course, he swears by em when he can get em from the collection of balls rescued from the ponds/lakes'
You say 'it's hard as hell, but also pliable..'
You say 'so when it incurs a large shock, it absorbs it, then fires it back'
You say 'ideal for the interior of a golf ball'
You say 'Taylor Made worked on this for like 10 years.'
You shake your head.
You say 'then let 'em out'
Ren nods solemnly.
You say 'They're $12 a sleeve.'
Ren says 'eep'
You nod to Ren in agreement.
You say 'They look cool, though. ;)'
You say 'Taylor Made, naturally, had to be different..'
You say 'the number is copper-colored'
Ren says 'that's too much for a ball that i will invariably hit into a lake off the #3 tee. ;)'
You chuckle politely.
Ren falls down laughing.
You say 'man, I need to finish cleaning my balls.. wife will be home soon.'
Ren grabs his sides and tumbles to the floor in hysterics!
You poke Ren in the ribs.
Ren says 'what a caring husband...'
You say 'GOLF balls.'
Ren says 'HONEYYYY....i cleaned my balls just for you...'
Ren stares into space.

31 May 1999: 2:39am

<Wiz Info> Ravyn has reconnected
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: stop pulling her plug lego!
<1|Wiz> Ravyn: god ****ing damnit
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *lol*
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *hug Becky*
<1|Wiz> Nirvana: I dunno, look at her seems she's pulling her own plug
:inv ravyn
Ravyn is carrying:
toyboy  dildo  
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *ROFL*
<1|Wiz> Starhawk: oh eew..

31 May 1999: 4:10am

<Combat Info> Talon has murdered Beany
Talon shouts 'In Ben Stein's name, I hereby slay Beany!'
<Wiz Info> Beany is now level 9
<Wiz Info> Beany [ 1] has departed ElvenMUD from Lair of the Dragon (talon50)
|Global Info| Legolas: AAAAAAAAAACK!
You shout 'Damn you, Talon!'
<1|Wiz> Legolas: fuuuuck
<1|Wiz> Legolas: look at Talon's strength
<1|Wiz> Legolas: *bleh*
<Wiz Info> Beany [ 0] has entered the game in start1
           (Host: / Level: 9 / Score: 21319)
|0|Chat| Legolas: *comfort Beany*
|0|Chat| Legolas: well, good thing we played trivia, no? ;)
|0|Chat| Beany: thanks! :)   he was a big nasty dragon
|0|Chat| Legolas: nearly dead, too
|0|Chat| Legolas: 151/4,000
|0|Chat| Beany: well shit.
|0|Chat| Beany: :)
|0|Chat| Legolas: *chuckle*
|0|Chat| Legolas: that sounds like a very obscure meat preparation
|0|Chat| Legolas: how would you like your steak?
|0|Chat| Legolas: well shit, please
|0|Chat| Beany: that's gotta violate SOME sort of health regulations...\
|0|Chat| Legolas: *ROFL*

17 Jun 1999: 12:34am

[6|AWiz] Ren: yeah, like you'd rush to apply a tourniquet if i WAS bleeding to death...
[6|AWiz] Legolas: To your neck, perhaps. ;)
[6|AWiz] Ren: i DID cut myself shaving earlier.....where the fuck were you??
[6|AWiz] Legolas: *laugh*

22 Jun 1999: 12:23am

[6|AWiz] Legolas: and with those new chubby cheeks of hers, prolly even more comfortable
[6|AWiz] Ren: *witholds scathing response, for fear of seeing it in*
[6|AWiz] WooHoo: God save us
[6|AWiz] Legolas: seriously, I wouldn't do that
[6|AWiz] Legolas: that's the kind of thing that could drive someone to murder ;)
[6|AWiz] Ren: yeah, you'd prolly just copy and paste it into aberchat
[6|AWiz] Legolas: nope
[6|AWiz] Legolas: scathing.. I like that word
[6|AWiz] Legolas: I use it quite a lot myself.
[6|AWiz] Ren: yeah, that's prolly where i picked it up.  just like you stealin my *golfclap* which you are so reviled for now....  ;)
[6|AWiz] Ren: i mean, rachael's *golfclap* which i recently appropriated....
[6|AWiz] Ren: her having invented every goddamn mudding trend and concept
[6|AWiz] Legolas: *ROFL*
[6|AWiz] WooHoo: Bah!
[6|AWiz] Legolas: now THAT just might go into the quotes ;)
[6|AWiz] Ren: god help us all
[6|AWiz] Legolas: since there's no talk of her blowjob abilities, etc...
[6|AWiz] Ren: i'd recommend you give credit for the idea of 'info quotes' to her, before she files suit
[6|AWiz] Legolas: hmmmm
[6|AWiz] WooHoo: I'd b glad to b quoted fur me blowjobs
[6|AWiz] Ren: *chuckle*

1 Jul 1999: 1:50am

<^|Cord> Cristyn: i'm hungry :(
<^|Cord> Alf: eat something?
<^|Cord> Cristyn: i'm thinking about it
<^|Cord> Cristyn: that would require standing up
<^|Cord> Cristyn: then i'd have to walk down stairs
<^|Cord> Cristyn: and then i would have to make food
<^|Cord> Cristyn: there are a lot more issues involved here than just eating something.

13 Sep 1999: 10:03pm

|0|Chat| Diablo: Hi all *sob*
|0|Chat| Legolas: whyfor do you sob?
|0|Chat| Diablo: I am screwed?
|0|Chat| Legolas: how so?
|0|Chat| Diablo: I live in florida
|0|Chat| Legolas: oy vey
|0|Chat| Legolas: get the fuck outta there!
|0|Chat| Daria: Whoops...
|0|Chat| Diablo: and I am gonna get bulldozed by Hurricane Floyd
|0|Chat| Ren: get yer computer to higher ground!!  ;)
|0|Chat| God: Get a kite.
|0|Chat| Daria: Get off the damned puter and get yer arse to higer ground.
|0|Chat| Legolas: *ROFL*
|0|Chat| Legolas: *hifive Ren*
|0|Chat| Ren: jesus, you won't be able to mud if your computer shorts out from flooding!  get up to the attic!  ;)
|0|Chat| God: Get a hang glider!
|0|Chat| Ren: people's priorities are so out of wack... ;)
|0|Chat| Diablo: haha, there is higher ground in florida?
|0|Chat| Legolas: Sure.
|0|Chat| Legolas: Georgia!
|0|Chat| Ren: *chuckle*

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