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The Realism System: What is it, and why was it put into place?

     Okay, by now, many of you have noted that it takes 400,000 points to make
     it to Apprentice here, as opposed to the 300,000 that has become standard
     on virtually every other MUD, with few exceptions.

     Before an explanation of the reasoning behind this is provided, please
     realize the following: this will not affect the relative time to run to
     Apprentice level.  If anything, running may now be easier.  
     In a nutshell, here is what was done:
                  - the point requirement for each level was raised, by an
                    average of 33 percent (one third).
                  - the max strength of each level was raised by roughly this
                    same one third amount
                  - the mobiles' strengths were edited
                    (some raised, some lowered, some unchanged)
     Thus, since all of the factors were changed by roughly an equal proportion,
     running to a given level will take roughly the same time, since the mobiles
     (for the most part) are now worth more per kill.  However, to be fair, you
     are much tougher, too.

     The reason behind doing this is fairly simple.  One thing that is quite
     annoying on many MUDs is the lack of realism in fighting mobiles.  You may
     encounter a mosquito that could kill you fairly easily, yet meet up with a
     whale that you slay in two or three blows.  In the opinions of the
     administrators of ElvenMUD, this didn't make any sense.  After all, MUDs
     are supposed to be fantasy worlds, so why not take the trouble (and believe
     it when we say it took a WHILE to edit over 600 mobiles) to make the game
     and the fantasy as realistic as possible?

     To help you out, a brief summary of how the mobiles have changed:

     Basically, what was done was this.  Each mobile, on a case-by-case basis
     was evaluated for what he/she/it is supposed to be, and then a reasonable
     strength value in relation to the players' strength was assigned.

     Most humans you meet in the game will have roughly the same strength as
     an average player, with mobile strengths varying according to what type
     of mobile he/she/it is.  For example, a Knight of the Round Table, such
     as Launcelot in the Camelot zone, is MUCH stronger than say, the Beggar
     in the Catacomb zone.  This just seems to make sense.

     Any animals you encounter have been assigned a strength value relative to
     their size, primarily, and their ability to inflict damage, secondarily.  
     Thus, for example, the aforementioned annoying mosquitos are now nothing
     more than a simple annoyance.  Larger animals have higher strengths, and
     thus, are worth more points to kill.  (Hint: not all huge animals can
     inflict high damage.)

     Lastly, the strongest mobiles in the game, relative to their size and such
     are those that are supernatural in one form or another.  Again, an example.
     Previously, Talon was at 2,500 strength, or roughly 15 times stronger than
     a Legend in the old system.  This was unrealistic.  Talon, is after all,
     a gigantic fire-breathing dragon.  He is now approximately 17 times
     stronger than the highest level in the new system, Legend.  

     The administration sincerely hopes that the time and effort put into these
     modifications add to your enjoyment of running here on ElvenMUD.  You, the
     players (runners), are after all the reason we're up and running.  We want
     you to have a good time running about and bashing evil monsters' heads in.
     ;)  Please direct any comments, questions, complaints, etc concerning this
     change to Legolas, as this is his pet project. :)

     Have fun!  Good luck!  ...and don't DIE!!! :)

                                                  Legolas - 09/18/1996


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