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Top Ten Signs It's Time to QUIT MUDDING (composed by Shan/Azora in 1996)

10.        You find your sleep-wake schedule resembling that of a caffeine-ridden
 9.        Your friends tell you that forearms that size went out of style with
        Popeye.  You then ask with a blank stare, "Who's Popeye?"
 8.        The bathroom mold is demanding to be fed.
 7.        You start thinking you're a witty sophisticate after being parked in
        front of your computer for three hours.
 6.        You proudly put down 'zone-writing experience' on your application for
        a computer programming position.
 5.        Your roommate's friends begin asking how long the large pale growth in
        the corner has been there.
 4.        You don't need to turn on the lights, the glow from your skin works
        just fine.
 3.     You get the urge to type 'where sneakers' on the rare occasion you
        venture outside.
 2.        Your last shower was after you made wizard on Virtual Sun.

...and the number ONE sign it's time to stop MUDding:

 1.     Get some sleep, you anemic, coke-chugging VAMPIRE!!


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