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ElvenMUD Tournament Information

1: when you die you die and are out of the game
2: all kills are final
3: If you disconnect you disconnect and will not be allowed back in
4: All rulings are final and not subject to discussion
5: at the conclusion, the kills will be looked over and the winners crowned
6: anything found in the arena can be used
7: any mobile in the arena can be killed and his stuff used

Info from the most recent tournament (10/01/96):

Well...the inaugural ElvenMUD tournament opened to a wild crowd of 5 runners
all chomping at the bit to slice each other into small bits.  The Earth
continued to rotate, and not many people showed up.  The odd dog barked.  
(note: if ANYONE sees me schedule another tournament for after midnight, please feel free to bitchslap me into a state of uncontrollable sobbing. --> Legolas)  That notwithstanding, the tournament began...

     Taryn was the first one to buy it, at the hand of Bacon.  Bacon's triumph
was short-lived, however, as Gumby approached from the rear.  (hey, what are
you DOING back there?!?!)  Bacon was promptly fried by Gumby, who then went on
to slay the other players one by one, finishing off Wren (*caw, caw*), Blazer,
and Jarrett in turn.  No one else registered a kill.  Basically, Gumby kicked
the crap out of everyone else, and this more than anything is proof that for
the next tournament we need more runners. ;)  (*giggle*)

     The next tournament will be announced here when we decide upon a date.

Breakdown of the placings:

1st:  Gumby
2nd:  Jarrett
3rd:  Blazer
4th:  Wren
5th:  Bacon
6th:  Taryn

     Hope to see you all at the next ElvenMUD tournament!!

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