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Zone Submissions

So, you think you could write a zone that we would like to have on our
MUD?  Well, if you're right, and you write a good zone, submit it to
Legolas, as he is the zone man around here.

If you submit one, and we use it, you will receive a frob (either
POINTS or an immortal frob of some sort) determined by the size of
the zone and how much we like it.

So send 'em on in!  We want this MUD to grow, and YOU can be part of it!

One more thing to note about zones...
        Unless it is a wizroom, we try to steer away from modern
        themes.  Mud is a fantasy world where magic, and swords
        exist, not guns, and lasers.  Please consider your
        theme carefully when writing your zone.



          Submission of a zone to ElvenMUD for consideration implies
          authorization from the zone author to ElvenMUD to install
          the zone and keep it for the life of the MUD.  Zones will not be
          removed in the future, unless said removal is deemed appropriate
          by ElvenMUD's administration.  Submission of a zone to ElvenMUD
          also grants ElvenMUD the right to alter the content of said
          zone in the interests of brevity, realism, or other issues.
          Further, no zone will be distributed to any other MUD without
          the explicit and expressed-in-writing permission of the zone author.

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