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Welcome to ElvenMUD.. Here is what's new in our world..

 27 Nov 2005  Some bugs have been fixed where files were not getting closed
              when the MUD was reset or rebooted.

 26 Nov 2005  The AWAY command has been updated slightly so that if you're
              already away and type AWAY and supply a message, it updates your
              away message rather marking you as returned.

 07 Mar 2004  Some major behind the scenes changes have taken place. All
              the file locations have been tidied up and some of the
              configuration moved from compile time C header files to run-
              time changable text files. This should make future development
              easier especially as the MUD has now finally been moved into

 30 Sep 2003  A sword in the realm will now detect dragons! Can you find it?
              Also some minor bugs have been fixed so you can no longer play
              at being Jesus and leave footprints on water.  Some code has
              been added to hopefully help track down a slight problem with
              the corpse code.  Please let us know if you spot anything
              strange or unusual happening.

 29 Dec 2003  The server has been converted from RedHat 7.2 to Debian Stable.

 04 Jan 2003  Well the holidays are over and we at ElvenMUD would like to wish
              you all a very Happy New Year.  We have been very busy working
              on lots of "behind the scenes" things and we hope to start
              bringing you new and exciting things soon.  A big thank you to
              WooHoo and Moosechees who have been helping Ellyll with his
              crazy plans! (and forgiving of his very stupid mistake)

 25 Dec 2002  As a Christmas present to all our players you will gain twice the
              score when fighting mobiles from the 25th of December to the 1st
              of January.

              We have also implemented autoresets so that the MUD will reset
              itself if all of the following are true:
                - it has been 3 hours since the last reset
                - it has been 3 hours since the last kill
                - there are no mortals logged on

              We have also changed the names of the Powers' levels as follows:
                Founder    => Eru
                God        => Ainur
                Avatar     => Valar
                DemiGod    => Maiar
                ArchWizard => Eldar

              The colours have changed slightly on some of the communications
              channels and support for underlines has been added. You can
              turn this on and off with the NOULINE command and use it
              yourself with the &_ code (use &* to turn it off again).

              There have also been many other behind the scenes changes to
              enable future developments.  If you come across any problems
              please report them using the BUG command. Thank you, and Merry
              Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at ElvenMUD.

 02 Sep 2002  We're back! Sorry about the unexpected downtime, we lost our
              hosting for a while, however we're now back on Ellyll's server.
              One problem though is that we lost a few days data as we had to
              restore to the 22nd of August.  If this is causes any problems
              please talk to Ellyll.

 17 Aug 2002  The SENDNOTHING command has been added.  This should help
              if you have problems with your ISP dropping your connection if
              you're idle for a short time.  See HELP SENDNOTHING for more

 26 Mar 2002  The POGO action has been added.

 11 Mar 2002  Well, it took longer than we expected, but we finally got
              Genesis to take our damn money, and we're back up!  (and
              looking for a new server, probably)

 Note: See INFO welcome for the latest news and INFO oldnews for old news.

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