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Welcome to ElvenMUD.. Here is what's new in our world..

 05.14.98  New command installed.  It's for GrandWizards and above,
           but everyone should please read help setbounty, anyway. :)

 05.15.98  The qlist command has been completely rewritten.  Check it out!

 05.17.98  >> MAJOR code revisions/rewrites.. please see INFO version4. <<

 05.18.98  NoSlain and NoFlee have been combined into NoCombatInfo.
 05.19.98  ALL output has been re-configured.  See INFO newinfo for details!

 05.21.98  WHOOOOPS!!  Legolas will be around for a while, after all!  *grin*
           New command added for immortals: NoWeather.

 05.23.98  Two new Quests added.. Cathedral and Hyrule.
           See INFO qinfo and qlist for details.

 05.25.98  New zone added for new players.. Learn.  New command added
           for all combatants.. mercy.  See help mercy for details.

 05.27.98  Two new Quests have appeared!  The SnowScape Quest was written
           by Legolas recently, and the LostSoul Quest has been created
           as a Quest here from a pre-existing zone.  See INFO qinfo and qlist.
           Many thanks to Hyperactive for test-running SnowScape!

           Info qinfo has changed greatly!  Try it out!
           The mercy command has been spruced up.. see help mercy..

 05.28.98  To put it mildly, the level structure has changed. ;)  See levels.

 05.30.98  All players... please read INFO adreanna!  **BEAM**

 06.03.98  New command added today.. seecommnum, at the requests of many.
           See help seecommnum for more details.  Also, a help listing has been
           added for the noinfo command.  Enjoy!

           Everyone should please read INFO achat.  Thank you.

 06.04.98  The SevenSins Zone/Quest has been removed.  If you're curious
           as to why, check out INFO resolution.

           New Quest added!  See INFO transgression.

 07.15.98 Are you a born leader?  Do you have what it takes to help in the
          administration of a MUD?  If you do, we want you!  ElvenMUD will
          be hiring two Istari one month from today, on August 15, 1998 to
          prepare for the return of the college student-MUDders shortly to
          follow in September.  Why such a long period of time between
          deciding to hire two Powers and their promotion?  Simple.  All
          ElvenMUD Powers know the Quests... all of them.  The two new
          Powers will be selected from the ranks of the GrandWizards.  So,
          if you think you have what it takes, get out there and run!

 07.16.98 We have two announcements to make regarding promotions!  Firstly,
          Ellyll has been rewarded for his hard work, diligence, loyalty,
          patience, and just about every other quality any MUD could ask for in
          a Power with a promotion to the rank of DemiGod.  Additionally, we
          are very pleased to announce that Weasel returns to ElvenMUD as a
          Power with the rank of ArchWizard.  As you may remember, Weasel was
          a Power on ElvenMUD for a long time during the Version 3 years.
          Congratulate these fine players on their well-deserved promotions
          when you see them!  And remember, we're recruiting two Istari!

 07.17.98 Players will now receive a notification at login if the most
          recent reset performed was a creset.

 07.21.98 Please read INFO promise.

 08.17.98 Please read INFO farewell..

 08.18.98 Names such as Test_Test are now allowed.  (You can
          use underscores in your name now.)

 09.09.98 Legolas took the time to write us all a letter from basic training.
          Please read INFO basic.

 11.09.98 A new letter from Legolas.  Read INFO basic-2.

 12.06.98 Everything is back to normal (?) mobile-wise, etc.  Many thanks
          go out to Hadron for fixing MUDservices' latest screw-up! ;-)

 12.16.98 The new year is approaching!  It's time for another batch of New
          Year's Resolutions!  If you've got some, send 'em off to the
          character Resolutions, and we'll have 'em up soon!

 12.20.98 New Year's Resolutions are slowly appearing in INFO res99..
          write yours in a MUDmail to Resolutions and join the fun!

 12.21.98 A new zone has opened up in the southern region.  Enjoy Ashurak!

 01.02.99  Happy New Year!  As has become our custom here on ElvenMUD, with
           a new year comes a new chance for a fresh start for those who have
           ended up on the banlist for various reasons.  Today is Amnesty Day
           which means that all banlists are being wiped.  We sincerely hope
           that those receiving another chance use it wisely..

01.17.99 It is with much sadness that we announce some changes in the power
         structure.  Sandalwood is stepping down from her position as Goddess
         due to time constraints and other concerns associated with her
         illness.  Silz and Allanon are leaving ElvenMUD to move on to
         bigger things for themselves, namely the starting of their own MUD.
         We wish them well.  Lastly, Coral no longer has the time required to
         hold a power position, and has been demoted, as well.  We thank all
         of our departing powers for their service to ElvenMUD, and
         wish them nothing but success in the future.

02.03.99 With apologies for the recent (albeit brief..7 hours) closed game
         time, we re-open the MUD for play.  Be warned, however, that something
         seems amiss with our machine's ability to read/store data, which can
         be particularly bad when using the mailer.  (Legolas lost ALL of
         his mail.. about 45 entries.  If you have anything important that you
         have mailed him in the last 10 days, please re-send it.)  The problem
         seems to be solved now, else we would not be re-opening the MUD for
         play, yet we advise caution.  Updates will come as available.

02.15.99 New command (and channel) added.  You may now sing your favorite
         songs to the rooftops with the music command.  Those that do
         not wish to hear the singing may type nomusic.  The ability to
         hear and add to the joyful noise is attained at the Baron level.
         (The channel is off by default.  Type nomusic to activate it.)

02.16.99 It is with great pleasure that we announce the ascension of two
         new Powers (at Istari level) to the ranks of our Administration!
         Please join us in congratulating Hope and StormMaker on
         their well-deserved promotions!  In other news, if you value your
         soul, and see Rosepetal online today, wish her a very happy
         22nd Birthday! ;)

02.24.99 For anyone that has interest and missed the show, check out
         INFO grammy (yah, I got pretty bored tonight). ;)

03.23.99 Players now have the ability to sleep.  Sleeping will allow
         players to heal faster, although they will receive no output from
         from the game whatsoever (such as when a mobile walks into the room!),
         so it might be a good idea to be careful where you lay down!
         (See help sleep for further details.)

         The qlist command has been updated.  Check it out!

03.29.99 Many new interactive messages have been added for immortals.  See
         review.  Also, the meander command is in and functioning!  (See
         help meander.)  The WHOOSH command is on the way, but we went ahead and
         added the message and the help file now, while we were at it.  Enjoy!

04.04.99 We are proud to announce that the WHOOSH command is now
         fully functional.  It's a lot of fun.. try it out!  Many other minor
         changes are all over the MUD.. can you spot them?  Work goes on..

04.07.99 Some new linkdead code has been added, if you lose link you'll have
         15 minutes to reconnect. If you experience any problems with this
         please report them via mudmail to Ellyll, thank you.

05.01.99 For any channel with a numeric shortcut, #/ will now work
         for emotes on that channel, where # is the number of the channel.

06.21.99 MANY congratulations to our beloved friend and Power Hope on her
         real-life engagement!!  We wish her and the lucky bastard to land
         such a prize all the success in this or any other Universe.

07.01.99 Happy Amnesty Day, everyone.. the first of July has arrived, and, as
         we do twice per year, the Administration of ElvenMUD is wiping
         clear the ban lists, both players and hosts.  Previously banned
         players may once again play here, and will be treated as new players
         by all.  This applies to ALL previously banned players, and we feel
         it important to point out that nothing any player has previously
         earned before their banning will be restored.  We sincerely hope that
         all those granted a second chance use it wisely...

07.10.99 Legolas has once again departed for a field problem with his Army
         unit, and will not return until sometime around August 1st.  As
         before, the ultimate authority for all game issues during Legolas'
         absence will be Ellyll.  Please direct any concerns to him.

05.22.99 ElvenMUD's web site now has a Java Telnet client that allows you to
         connect directly from the web page. It also has usefull button for
         things like Score and Inventory etc. Point you web browser at and choose the appropriate
         hyperlink. This is highly recommended for beginners and users of the
         standard Windows telnet.

08.21.99 Quite a few cosmetic changes have been coded in recently, as well
         as a new command for immortals, nolflags.  This command will
         toggle viewing of the LFlag list in a room when typing 'look'.

09.05.99 It is with sadness that we must announce that due to her inability
         to be online as much as she feels is fair to the Administration in
         the fulfillment of her duties, Hope has resigned her position as
         an Istari.  We, the Administration, wish to take this opportunity to
         thank Hope for her service to ElvenMUD.

09.06.99 With the resignation of Hope, a space has opened up in the Power ranks.
         We will be keeping a close eye on the runners over the next couple of
         weeks, looking for someone worthy of a shot at Istari.  At this point,
         everyone who makes it to the level of GrandWizard is eligible.  Get
         running, folks!  (Powers are required to know all of the Quests, thus
         the running to GrandWizard requirement.)

10.18.99 There are two new quotes files.  See INFO quotes.

10.24.99 The circle is complete once again!  We are proud to welcome two new
         Istari to the Administration.  Ruan and Wolfsblade each displayed real
         talent for running and a desire to help the MUD, and have been raised
         to the level of Istari.  Additionally, in recognition of her extensive
         service to the MUD in her time here, WooHoo has been promoted to the
         rank of DemiGoddess.  Due to time constraints, Weasel has been lowered
         to ArchWizard.  This should not reflect negatively on him in any way.

18 Mar 2000 ElvenMUD has two new Archwizards, please congratulate
            Ruan and WolfsBlade on their promotion. It is also with regret
            that we must announce that Weasel has resigned.

            Ellyll has been very busy lately and is pleased to bring the
            following to ElvenMUD:

             - Bulletin Boards: please see INFO BOARDS for more information
               (thanks to Vitastjern and Kalzar for the original code and
               lots of help enhancing it!).

             - The FINDROOM command (for immortals only): See HELP FINDROOM.

             - The WHERE and SHOW commands have also been jazzed up a bit,
               and the statue bug in brooch has also been fixed.

25 Mar 2000 Immortals can now preceed object, player and mobile numbers with
            the letters O, P or M, e.g. SUMMON M50. The WHERE and SHOW commands
            have been updated to reflect this addition. Also 17 zones have been
            colorized slightly (mainly the the names of objects).

26 Mar 2000 Here we go again.  Legolas is venturing out into the field
            with his Army unit.  He will be back on Saturday, then out again
            on Monday until Friday.  Send all relevant issues to Ellyll in the
            absence of the Founder.. thank you.

01 Apr 2000 You will now reconnect instantly rather than having to go through
            the Kick Out Y/N procedure and menus, if you reconnect before the
            game has registered that you're linkdead. This should make things
            a little less irritating for people with bad connections.

02 Apr 2000 Just for information: the following actions have all been added
            fairly recently-ish: dogkiss, hint, kissn, licke, nape, nbite,
            quiver, smurgle.

21 Apr 2000 You can now use 8-bit characters IF your client supports them,
            this means you can use special characters and accents e.g. αινσϊ£.

29 Apr 2000 Please congratulate our two new Istari Kite and Obomonus.
            Also many typos have been corrected, if you spot any more please
            let us know with the TYPO command.

07 May 2000 We now have footprints! You will now leave footprints behind
            you when you walk.

20 May 2000 You can now use NOFOOTPRINTS (it can be abbreviated) to stop
            seeing footprints.

03 Jun 2000 A newbie area has been created in the icecaves and the learning
            zone and simple zone have been linked up to it. Some typos have
            also been fixed. Thanks for reporting them, it is much appreciated.
            The SHEEP/UNSHEEP commands have been added for Istari and above, so
            unless you want to become white and fluffy you'd better behave ;)

15 Jul 2000 Want a laugh?  Try INFO microsoft..

18 Oct 2000 WE'RE BACK! We apologise for the extended downtime.  This was due
            to problems with Mudservices and Legolas being away.  Because of
            this we have unfortunately lost around 2 weeks of data (everything
            after the 9th of September has probably been lost).

            A very big thank you to Rhadamanthus who is now hosting us.

14 Nov 2000 Check out INFO southernvisit.. you'll die laughing.

 12 Oct 2001  Version 4.4 has finally made it!
              Wizards should be sure to look at the new fluid immortality
              system by reading INFO defrob.

 07 Dec 2001  We have been informed by Genesis MUDs that the server will
              be getting rebooted on Friday night (the 7th) - we have not
              been given a precise time and I assume "night" is night in
              US central time.

 Note: See INFO WELCOME for the latest news

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