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ElvenMUD Policy

Please type INFO <SUBJECT> to learn more about our policies on the following:

  *aliasing          -aliasing, here on ElvenMUD
  *advertising       -guidelines on advertising for other muds
  *becoming          -use of the BECOME command
  *boards            -use of the bulletin boards
  *bugs              -what you should do if you find a bug in the game
  *characters        -your conduct in regards to characters and how you use em
  *cheating          -don't do it
  *crashes           -crashes/reboots/resets, and our policy regarding them
  *cursing           -@#$%!  ElvenMUD's cursing views
  *exorcisms         -exorcisms and time-outs, explained
  *deathrooms        -deathrooms, fun for the whole family
  *force             -policy regarding the FORCE command
  *frobs             -ElvenMUD's frob policy
  *harassment        -harassment, and what you should do about it
  *healing           -healing, or at least our views on it
  *help              -we all need a little help sometimes
  *lagging           -the problem of lagging and linkloss
  *macros            -macros, and why you shouldn't be using em
  *noise             -WHAT IF SOMEONE'S MAKING TOO MUCH noise? ;)
  *marriage          -ahhh, the holy bonds of MUDmatrimony  
  *passwords         -your password:  keep it secret
  *pronouns          -don't use em; here's why
  *responsibilities  -we all have to have SOME responsibility
  *resurrection      -can you REALLY bring back things from the dead?
  *shouts            -what if they're SHOUTING?
  *summoning         -what about summoning?
  *titles            -acceptable use of titles
  *wizards           -our friendly immortals, and what's expected of them
  *wizitems          -all that cool stuff the wizards have
  *zaps              -a lightning bolt strikes you between the eyes...

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